Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tech 'n Time

My laptop swallows me whole! I will set out to quickly check my e-mail and I disappear. It begins by following a link and becoming absorbed... Well, let me tell you about this morning.
I had only a few e-mails, all commercial, but one was from "One More Story: A Children's Literature Website." I could not resist: I ventured in. I learned more about the use of SmartBoard technology in elementary and secondary schools across the country - even found a showcase school that I could visit to see it in action.
I then went on to take a peek at my e-mail from BlogBoard (A Teacher's Magazine Blogboard) and got lost! I read about and thought about why and how we assign summer reading. I read and thought about virtual book clubs and trading books online. I also read about, and understood completely, the increase in teachers' blogs.

Now my head is spinning with ideas!! I need a walk to think and incorporate. See you later.


Rebecca Hickman said...

I loved the Book Whisperer article. I'm so glad they didn't have required reading lists when I was a kid.

Rebecca Hickman said...

You've been tagged, Mom!