Sunday, September 14, 2008

Teaching Writing

While catching up on my mail after a visit to my step-son, a teacher in Vermont, I found tucked within an e-mail a short video clip of Ralph Fletcher working with a boys' writing club. Viewing it, my excitement about his approach to teaching writing returned.

I had heard Ralph Fletcher speak several years ago and was impressed with the simplicity and efficacy of his message. I procured a few copies of his book, Craft lessons: Teaching Writing K-8 and introduced it to our staff (a very dedicated group of elementary teachers). Several teachers tried out the ideas in the book and, pleased with the results, incorporated them into their writing instruction. Of course, when Nonfiction Craft Lessons: Teaching Information Writing K-8 came out, we added it to our writing resources for teachers.

I had been retired for about a year when Fletcher's book Boy Writers was published and I suggested to a few former colleagues that they take a look at it. Viewing a clip from Dude, Listen to This! I became excited again about the possibilities of stimulating students to write, of creating a writers' club before or after school, or more ideally, within the school day!!

What do you think?

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Rebecca Hickman said...

Very interesting! I'll see if we have any of his books here.